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  1. » Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin 225 04/03/13 (PDF)

    I always love a good Ofcom Broadcast Bulletin. I have to say though, the standards complaints are usually far more interesting than the fairness and privacy section.

    That is not the case this issue, with a certain Miss Zoe Alexander - a contestant on The X Factor - complaining about her portrayal on the show:

    By way of background, Miss Alexander said there was clear evidence of computer generated imagery (“CGI”) being used. For example, there was “contradictory lighting of figures in the same camera shots”; there was footage of “incomplete figures and unattached body parts”; use of plasma fractals resulted in “partial face masks/security staff were deleted”; “physically impossible scenes” of Miss Alexander and her father were included; “unequally pixellated figures in same shot”; Miss Alexander’s voice was “auto-tuned out of recognition”.

    "Not upheld."

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